michael lentz

As Art Director at NASA’s Conceptual Image Lab Michael provides guidance for the creation of art and animation in the lab, with a focus on quality and scientific accuracy. He encourages artistic creativity throughout production, while also ensuring that all lab products maintain a standard of excellence. Under his guidance, the lab has established a new approach for project management, has gained productivity throughout the production pipeline, and has employed new artistic techniques to showcase scientific data and spacecraft. Michael works agency wide with scientists and producers to help bring their stories to life through art and animation with a team of in and out of house artists.


Michael began his art and animation career in 1992 at the National Geographic Society, within the Television Art Department. He worked for and was mentored by a multi-Emmy Award winning Art Director for 10 years. In that position, he became an accomplished Artist and Animator, developing visual elements for hundreds of projects. His work was featured in many Emmy Award winning shows, such as National Geographic ‘Explorer’ and ‘Specials’. While at National Geographic Television, he collaborated with the Cartographic Division and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to help produce a satellite image of the Earth. This image was used by National Geographic Television and the 7th Edition National Geographic Atlas. He was also responsible for transitioning the Art Department into a digitally-based production studio.


His passion for art, coupled with his design skills has led to a 29 year career in art and animation.